Koairley Cavaliers and Tibetan Spaniels

About Us


At Koairley, our dogs are not just beautiful showdogs, and not just pets, they are part of our family.  They live in our home, not in kennels, and are treated more like 'furkids'. 

Even our name - Koairley - is made up of the first three Cavaliers we owned, everything we do is for our dogs!

Here is a little bit about the three of us, who together, make up the 'human' element of Koairley.


Wendy Goodall  

Wendy first started showing in 1974, when she began her love affair with the Bearded Collie.  She had much success with her first conformation show dogs, some of the first 'Beardies' in this country. She has been a member of a number of Breed and Kennel Clubs, and also participated in Obedience with a Collie Rough. She was an Obedience trainer in the Wagga Wagga region.  Her vast experience in the dog world, is not only helpful in the showring.  Her knowledge of genetics, inheritable diseases, and breeding practices is invaluable.  Wendy took a break from the show world when her children came along, and returned to the dog show world, about 5 years ago, with her youngest daughter, Rebecca, at her side, when they started showing Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  Outside the showring, Wendy spreads the word of Responsible Pet Ownership, at primary schools across the Central Coast in her role of Pet Educator, assisted by 'Hailey', a very friendly Cavalier



Rebecca Smith (nee Goodall)


Rebecca is the youngest of the family, and came to dog showing 5 years ago when we purchased our first Cavalier - 'Koda'.  She has successfully handled Koda to his title, becoming our first Cavalier Champion.  Outside of the showring, Rebecca works as a Veterinary Nurse, and is raising a delightful daughter - Scarlett, with her husband Simon. Luckily for us Scarlett seems to already have quite a fondness for dogs! 





Amanda Goodall

Amanda, the eldest daughter of our family, joined us in the showring about a year ago, bringing the cheeky, and lovable Tibetan Spaniels into our family, and our kennels.   She is a new handler, but is enjoying learning ringcraft, genetics, and breeding practices, and has enjoyed much success in the showring with the two Tibbies we initially exhibited. Amanda has gone on, with the help of everyone at Koairley, to win BEST IN SHOW with Ch. Banlan Gelato in 2015, and is now currently campaigning two puppies sired by him.