Koairley Cavaliers and Tibetan Spaniels

Are you looking for a puppy?

There are many things you must take into consideration when buying a puppy.  We understand that we may not always have puppies available to you at the time required, or may not have the RIGHT puppy for YOU.

So here's a quick guide on the best way to buy a puppy to try and ensure that the experience is a positive one, and that your puppy lasts it's lifetime in your loving care.

Firstly, you need to consider very carefully your reasons for welcoming a puppy into your home.  A home should be for the lifetime of the dog, which can be anywhere up to 12-15 years.  Remember "a dog is the only family member you get to choose - so choose well".

Secondly, consider whether a puppy is the best choice for your family. Quite often breeders have mature dogs available for adoption in your chosen breed, and sometimes these can suit families that have less time to devote to the training and supervision of a puppy. 

Thirdly, NEVER rush in to a puppy purchase. We know it's hard, you see all these pictures of cute, adorable puppies staring out from your computer screen, but selecting the RIGHT breeder, and waiting for the RIGHT puppy is ALWAYS the best choice. 

And NEVER EVER buy a puppy from a pet store, they often source thier puppies from PUPPY FARMS and unregistered breeders. Quite often you will pay as much for a puppy from them, as you would from a registered, ethical breeder.  The ONLY choice for pedigree puppies is to buy from a REGISTERED, ETHICAL BREEDER

So, how do you know your breeder is a registered, ethical breeder? Here are some tips on how to best select the breeder of your new family member, and the benefits of doing so.

1. A REGISTERED breeder is registered with the ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council: www.ankc.org.au). There are other organisations out there that 'register' breeders but this is the ONLY one that is genuine.

2. A REGISTERED breeder has a prefix (kennel name) and a membership number to thier local State Canine Authority (in NSW this is DOGS NSW) - Always ask the breeder what thiers are.

3. A REGISTERED breeder only breeds dogs with MAIN registrations, these dogs will have 'show names', be health tested for health issues within thier breed, and the puppies will be issued with papers displaying this - a pedigree In NSW, MAIN registration papers are BLUE (Main registration is for animals declared by the breeder to have show potential and are able to be bred from)  LIMITED registration papers are GREEN (Limited Registration is for dogs sold as pets, they cannot be shown or bred from). 

*** All of our puppies are sold on limited registration with a desexing contract. 

When main registration puppies are available (only to approved genuine show people) they will be initiailly registered in dual membership with the new owner. ***

Questions we advise people to ask breeders they are considering purchasing pups from

1. How long have you been involved in the breed?

2. How many different breeds of dogs do you breed?, How often in one year will you breed? At what age do you breed your dogs? and Why do you breed?

3. What are the health issues that are in your breed, and how do you minimize the chances of those problems arising in your litters?

4. How do you choose your breeding stock, and how do you choose which matings you do?

5. Can I view the parents of the litter, and have any information pertaining to them? Can I view your kennels and/or where the pups are raised?

6. What age do you allow your puppies to leave your care? What do the puppies come with, and have they had thier first vaccination, and are they microchipped before leaving your home?

7. How do you choose the homes your puppies go to?

8. Do you require a contract? What does your contract state about the type of registration offered, and what do you expect in regards to desexing?

Tell-tale signs the breeder may be unethical

- They refuse to let you view the parents of the puppies, or the kennels they were raised in. 

- The breeders deny there are any health issues in thier breed, or show a complete ignorance towards the issues - REMEMBER ALL BREEDS have some sort of health issue in thier background, even cross-breeds.

- The breeder does not provide an ANKC registered pedigree for the puppy, or show you the pedigree of the sire and dam. Or they may claim to be a 'registered' breeder by saying they are registered as a business with the council, or with another Pet Organisation. REMEMBER, if you want a PEDIGREE puppy, the ONLY place to get one from is from an ANKC registered breeder.

- They do not have a prefix, or say they "haven't got around to applying for one". 

- The puppies are not socialised, have not recieved appropriate vaccinations or are not microchipped - In NSW it is against the Code of Practice to sell a pup before the age of 8 weeks, to sell a pup before they have had thier first vaccination (C3 or C5), and the pup MUST be microchipped.